Local Lists: Karla Rodriguez

My friend Bridget and I play this game with people we meet called, “I knew I liked you when…”  For instance, “I knew I liked you when you ran to the liquor store, bought a case a beer and stashed it in a dumpster so we could drink more after the bars closed”.  For Karla, I knew I liked her when I saw her perform karaoke.  I mean this girl can bring it.  After you see her perform you’ll feel lucky you got away without paying a cover.  Plus Karla is super nice and is making it really fun to be a part of Denver’s film community.

Name: Karla RodriguezPhoto of Karla Rodriguez.

Occupation: Audience Development Manager at the Denver Film Society

Favorite restaurant in Denver: City O’ City

Favorite watering hole in Denver: Hi-Dive

Favorite overall place in Denver: Rooftop of the Sie FilmCenter/Lowenstein Complex ranks pretty high. Or maybe an afternoon of kickball with the Denver Kickball Coalition.

Best event in Denver: Summer Scream at Lakeside!

Best new trend in Denver: Film community working together to make things happen! Oh, and the Comedy scene. It’s fantabulous!

Worst new trend in Denver: The forehead bun. You know when a girl takes a normal hair bun and puts it as far forward on her head as possible? This is fucking ridiculous and needs to stop yesterday.

Fondest Denver memory: Taking filmmakers from the Starz Denver Film Festival to Casa Bonita and Jump Street. Never gets old.

What’s missing in Denver? The general public understanding the importance of art and the urgency to help preserve it and to nurture it in our community. This is starting to happen but we’ve got a ways to go.

Go-to drink in a bar: Whiskey Soda

Go-to karaoke song: Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden or Highway to Hell – AC/DC

New, proposed slogan for Denver: DENVER: We, actually, are that awesome.

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: Gabor’s or Celebrity Sports Center