Dear Denver, I’ve heard so much about your booming microbrew scene…where do I even begin?

Photo of a glass of beer.

Yum yum, gimme some

Great question.

It’s true that the Denver microbrew scene has blown up more than kale and quinoa combined in recent years.

It seems that every other month some new brewery is announcing its name and increasing the number of hop offerings in Denver. It can be a bit overwhelming #coloradoproblems

Luckily there are several resources out there to help you.

Denver Metro Brewery Map: I actually created this map to visually determine the best biking/beer crawl routes. I left off some of the more chainier options and included a couple urban wineries/distilleries instead. I try my best to keep it up to date, adding soon-to-be breweries as they are announced. Enjoy and be safe.

Fermentedly Challenged: A daily blog that provides updates on new releases, special events, and the opening of new breweries. Get it delivered to your inbox and know where to taste the freshest brews.

Cafe Society’s Beer Man: Westword newspaper blog, highlighting Denver’s beer culture. Great resource for learning about new brewery openings, beer trends, and beer events.

Are you a lady who likes beer? Check out Hopped Up DamesCrafty Ladies Beer Club, Barley’s Angels, and Colorado Girls’ Pint Out. These informal tasting groups provide the opportunity for women to sample, learn, and socialize.

A very short list of just a handful of Denver’s taprooms:

Alpine Dog Brewing Company: Alpine Dog not only fils the gap on where to grab a pre-show drink, but they do it with a friendly atmosphere and tasty brews.

Beryl’s Beer Co.:  A less hoppy line of beers, Beryl’s offers its visitors the opportunity to taste what different barrel aging does to a brew. A very cool space in a neighborhood that is blowing the funk up.

Black Shirt Brewing Company: Specializing in red ales, this end of the line brewery offers a delicious menu of both solid standbys and creative rotating brews, as well as some of the best glassware in town. With the addition of a backward stage in the summer of 2015, this brewery has upped the ante with affordable shows and collaboration beers brewed with local musicians. Cool vibe, delicious beer; this is one of my personal favorites.

Grandmas’s House: Are you a little over the “industry taproom” vibe? Come to Grandma’s House for a cozier experience. This South Broadway taproom serves up their brews with just the right amount of kitsch, giving you a unique (and tasty) drinking experience.

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Black Shirt’s glassware is on point

Renegade Brewing Company: Not only does Renegade have tasty beers, but they are also a 60% female-owned company and employ the youngest female head brewer in Colorado.

Strange Craft Beer Company: Although it’s one of the more oddly located breweries, Strange makes up for its industrial park taproom with some seriously tasty beers. And, with its location right off of the South Platte River path, you can bike off that beer gut before you even get one. Make a day of it and continue down the path to Colorado Cider Company and Wit’s End Brewing Company.

TRVE Brewing Company: Denver’s first heavy metal brewery. Let your pupils adjust to the low lighting and black-painted walls, while you sip on appropriately named beers such as, “Tunnel of Trees”, “Wanderlust” and “Death Ripper”.

Beered Out?  No problem.

Infinite Monkey Theorem:  This urban winery has no vineyard but buys high-quality grapes from elsewhere to make its deliciously smooth wine. With a really great industrial space, this East Larimer tasting room is a perfect place to split a bottle between g-friends or for a pre-dinner glass of wine with some hott dude/lady dude. Also serving cider, canned wine, and lots of eye candy. Be sure to check out their special events for some extra festiveness, including First Friday.

Mile High Spirits: Get some of the freshest Moscow Mules in town while enjoying this hip, industrial sipping room.

Stem Ciders: Located in the heart of the RiNo district behind Mile High Winery, Stem Ciders specializes in dry hard ciders, with some barrel aged options.

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem