Local Lists: Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown is a modern day renaissance man.  He runs one of the coolest shops in town, Fancy Tiger (little known fact: Fancy Tiger in its origin was not a business, but a band), maintains a very readable blog,  deejays, always has cool hair and I am guessing probably knows how to do light alterations, make a pie crust from scratch, throw a pizza like a pro, perform CPR and bring a plant back from the brink.  He’s also very friendly and a big proponent of dance nights in Denver.  Look for his upcoming collaboration with Mod Livin’, called Modern Tiger, and read what he likes and what absolutely enrages him at Denver below.

(Just kidding about the enrages thing.)

Photo of Matthew Brown

Fancy Matthew will fucking kill you if you steal from his store (Just kidding. Maybe.)

Name: Matthew Brown

Occupation: Own and operate Fancy Tiger Clothing

Favorite restaurant in Denver: Potager

Favorite watering hole in Denver: Forest Room Five

Favorite overall place in Denver: South Broadway

Best event in Denver: Any one of the great dance nights that pop up throughout the year. Night Drive (r.i.p.), Lipgloss, the 90 minute dance parties at Crema, Handshakes, etc…

Favorite season in Denver and why: Fall – expanded men’s fashion possibilities.

Best new trend in Denver: Civil Unions

Worst new trend in Denver: The other day I saw this bar on wheels headed down the street that was powered by about 10 drunk people pedaling. Bad idea.

Fondest Denver memory: Spiritualized at the Mercury Cafe in 1994.

What’s missing in Denver? Fashion is still about 2-5 years behind the coasts.

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do? Grab a burrito at Socorros on South Broadway, Mayan Theatre for a movie and then Humble pie in the Baker neighborhood for a slice of the best banana cream pie you’ve ever tasted.

Recommended drinking spot: Wine Lab on Larimer

Recommended karaoke spot: Three Kings karaoke with Mark Star. Prepare to be offended.

Favorite US city that is not Denver: Portland.

New, proposed slogan for Denver: Denver…it’s better now.

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: El Diablo.