Pro Tip: Create Your Own Beer

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Factotum’s head brewer, Chris Bruns, dropping the beer knowledge

After living in Denver for a while, you start learning a little more about beer.

You learn whether or not you like your beers hoppy or malty or maybe even a little bit sour.  You learn new words to describe beer, what IBUs actually are, and if you like IPAs.

After living in a craft beer town of this magnitude and sampling beers you never even knew could be possible, you get a pretty clear picture of what you like and don’t like in a brew.

So, what if you could take all that taste and discernment and create a customized brew of your choosing?  Well, at Factotum Brewhouse you have the opportunity to do just that.  For $395 interested individuals (no experience required other than an interest in beer) get the following:

  • Recipe formulation/pre-consultation meeting to talk about what you like/don’t like in a beer
  • Brewing ingredients (within reason – gypsy tears cost extra)
  • Lunch from a nearby restaurant + 2 free beers each for you and a friend on brewing day
  • The ability to name your beer
  • Your own “Meet the Brewer” night to coincide with the unveiling of your new brew
  • $100 taproom credit for you and your closest friends to taste your new creation
  • Bragging rights
  • Unbiased feedback on your beer from the public
  • Permanent placement in the Brewer’s Hall of Fame book with optional contact info
  • Immortality (just kidding)

This process will then result in 14 glorious kegs of your own signature brew, which is sold in Factotum’s taproom.  Pretty cool, huh?  Visit the website for more information and/or to contact Factotum to schedule your consultation.

Having a graduation/birthday/engagement/séance/sporting event/housewarming party?  Factotum also offers the option to brew your own customized 1/2 BBL keg, which is great for special events.  This option costs $295 and includes a $50 keg deposit.


Is your beer next?