Become a Zogger

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This summer, don’t forget to play!

Looking for the easiest way to keep playing, meet new people, and stay young? Become a Zogger!

ZogSports is the nation’s largest charity-focused, co-ed social sports league for young professionals. Following his close call on 9/11, Robert Herzog founded ZogSports in 2002 on the principles of sports, social, and charity. ZogSports has brought together hundreds of thousands of young professionals in NYC, NJ, DC, ATL, LA, PHL, and now Denver to play organized sports and hang at exclusive post-game happy hours.

The company has donated over $2.8M to charities selected by the winning teams.

Summer leagues in Denver include:

Touch Football – Denver – Sunday

8 on 8 Outdoor Soccer – Denver – Sunday

6 on 6 Indoor Volleyball – Denver – Thursday

Season starts mid-June, with a registration deadline of June 2, 2016.


Learn more at and keep playing!


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