cruisin’ around in a car2go


Small spaces are your friend with car2go

As you may or may not already know, at the ripe age of 38, I have never owned a car in my life. Sure, I would often borrow whatever crappy second car my parents had at the time while living at home (e.g. Vansy Wansy or Big Red) but I have never had a car in my own name…and not sure if I ever will (at this point it has become some sort of urban survival game to me).

So having alternative transportation options means a lot. I take the light rail every day to work, during the warmer months I bike and walk pretty much everywhere, I proudly rock the bus when needed, and use the crap out of Lyft and Uber.

Another great option we have here in town is car2go. car2go gives you the ability to have a car (either to meet friends across town or do a bunch of errands) for as long as you’d like.

Some key points:

  • An app helps you locate and reserve a nearby car (up to 30-minutes in advance) free of charge
  • Drivers rate the interior/exterior of the car before their drive and report any issues from previous users
  • Drive time costs 41¢ per minute, $14.99 per hour, or $84.99 per day (plus taxes + fees), with occasional specials making driving even cheaper
  • Parking is free (which is pretty great when you are headed downtown – no need to feed the meter!)
  • Designated parking spots and the mere compactness of car2go gives you even more options to park
  • Upon arrival at your destination, users can either hold the car (meter stays running) or release it back into the wild for other drivers (meter stops)
  • The cars are really fun to drive (seriously, most people end up grinning like an idiot when they drive one)

And now (until June 19, 2016), new members can sign-up for FREE (saving $35) and receive 15-minutes of FREE drive time with car2go.

It’s time to hit the open road people (in a really small car).

[Please note: Dear Denver is a supporter of car2go and this is a sponsored post]