Local Lists: Magic Cyclops™


The last time I saw Magic Cyclops™ deejay, it was at the Justice League of Street Food party this year.  He was playing some really great rock and announcing his margarita count into… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Marijuana


If you are new to the Mile High weed, take 1/16th of the hit you normally would.  Wait 3 hours and have a pre-designated area where you can curl up in a ball… Continue reading

Local Lists: Karla Rodriguez


My friend Bridget and I play this game with people we meet called, “I knew I liked you when…”  For instance, “I knew I liked you when you ran to the liquor store,… Continue reading

Dear Denver, How can I make the most of a beautiful Sunday afternoon in town?


I’ll admit, there was a time when I loved getting shitfaced on a Sunday.  The sun would be shining, and instead of doing anything remotely outdoorsy, I would just want to get drunk… Continue reading

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