Local Lists: Daniel Landes

The first time I met Dan, I was selling underwriting for Denver’s new community access television station, Denver Open Media.  Considering it was a brand new station and we had no stats in regards to audience numbers or impact, it was a tough sell.  And I was not much of a sales lady.  But luckily for me, Dan got the mission of the organization and bought an underwriting spot for his two restaurants Watercourse and City O’ City.  That was my first sale and I was very appreciative of it (partly because I actually got paid that month and partly because it made me feel less inept at my job).  Since that time, I have further realised what a stand Dan is for the artistic and nonprofit community in Denver, including Watercourse’s Non-profit Mondays.  He’s also cool and nice and just wrote a book, Joonie and the Great Harbinger Stampede.  Weren’t you just thinking about how you needed a new book to read this summer?  Thought so.Photo of Dan Landes.

Name: Daniel Landes

Occupation: Dang, that’s a good question.  Um… writer, restauranteur

Favorite restaurant in Denver: Besides my own… El Taco de Mexico

Favorite watering hole in Denver:  Any place without a fucking TV

Favorite overall place in Denver:  Bike lanes

Best new trend in Denver:  Poetry

Worst new trend in Denver:  Being ungodly fit

Fondest Denver memory:  The smell of evaporating afternoon rain after a hot summer day

What’s missing in Denver?  Late night cabs

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do?  Drink a beer, smoke a joint, chill the fuck out

Favorite US city that is not Denver:  New York City

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most:  Muddy’s