Local Lists: Andrew Orvedahl

Photo of Andrew Orvedahl

Between his stand-up comedy; participation in the Grawlix; hosting of The Narrators; his wildly popular pilot for Amazon, Those Who Can’t; legos; and his adorable and wonderfully Instagramable daughter, Amelia; Andrew Orvedahl barely has time to grow facial hair these days.  However, like all of us, he perseveres.  (And he’s a super nice guy while doing it.)  Check out his new CD, Hit the Dick Lights and prepare to LOL.

Name: Andrew Orvedahl

Occupation: Comedian

Favorite restaurant in Denver: Root Down

Favorite watering hole in Denver: TRVE Brewing

Best new trend in Denver: Bikes!

Worst new trend in Denver: Tie: Bikes on sidewalks/Denver Cruiser Ride

Fondest Denver memory: Denver summers in general. Frisbee in the park.

What’s missing in Denver? Affordable, efficient public transportation

Favorite US city that is not Denver: Los Angeles

New, proposed slogan for Denver: Denver: Not Just For Juggalos!

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: Wolfe’s Barbecue