Local Lists: Sid Pink

I met Sid through the world of video production (read: not porn) and have just recently accepted referring to him as Sid.

The first thought that crossed my mind (as it does many) when I saw him was, “Is this guy for real?”  And I was soon to find out that he most certainly is.  As a professional extroverted introvert and an amateur (Mexican) wrestler of demons, I can say that Sid Pink is one of my favorite people.  Mainly because he is so good at making fun of people.

Photo of Sid Pink.

Sometimes I try and make fun of people in an endearing way and they think I am being mean.  Not with Sid.  He highlights your shortcomings and your bad behvaiour, but in a way that makes you LOL.

He is a classic comedian and I love watching him MC a show, even when half the jokes are lost on the crowd (as well as in some delusion backstage).  He’s affiliated with too much to list, but essentially it’s his pointy shoes, his hair, lucha libre, his hair, and his ability to make up the best nicknames ever.

In short: Denver needs Sid.  Don’t let those demon keep you up too late at night, my friend.

[cue the surf music]

Name: Sid Pink

Occupation: Celebrated Personality/Irritainer

Favorite restaurant in Denver: The Ethiopian Restaurant; Colfax at Fillmore

Favorite watering holes in Denver: Hi-Dive, 3 Kings, Tooey’s, Lost Lake, Private Patio at Pink Penthouse

Favorite overall place in Denver: Bird World, Denver Zoo

Best new trend in Denver: Pretending we matter

Worst new trend in Denver: Believing we matter

Go-to drink in a bar: Leopolds Gin with half tonic, half club soda, several dashes of Fee Brothers’ Plum Bitters, and a lime.

Go-to karaoke song: “Watching the Detectives”, Elvis Costello

Favorite US city that is not Denver: San Francisco

New, proposed slogan for Denver: “The Sprawl of LA Without All That Messy Cultural Relevance”

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: Arriera Fashions

Anything you want to plug?  Um – either the record [www.americanfucktape.com] or [www.theyellowmachine.com].  Or my hosting that “Sounds on 29th” show on PBS…?