Pro Tip: Keep It Uber Classy

Image of the Uber app.I have never owned a car in my life.  And although it may or may not have led me to stay in some relationships longer than I should have (it’s easier to see past the faults of some dudes when the alternative is waiting at a bus stop in a blizzard), it has also allowed me to bear witness to some humanity gold by riding the bus.  Additionally I believe, it has provided me with the opportunity to walk and bike a bunch more than I would if I owned a vehicle.

However, I’ll admit that I am not the type of person to ride my bici when the temps start dropping, and during the winter months I tend to resort to smelly late night cabs.  Until this past year when Uber cars were introduced into the Denver market.

Uber provides luxury car service for only a couple of dollars more than a regular stanky cab (an average trip for me has cost $17, including tip).  Request a driver with ease using the Uber app (which actually works, compared to Taxi Super Not Magic), and be amazed at how fast your car arrives.  Drivers are extremely nice, will open your door for you and occasionally have perks such as bottled water and/or candy.  Plus there is no waiting as the driver processes your card upon arrival, nor do you have to worry about a tip – it’s already included.  Use this promo code when you sign-up and create your account to save $10 on your first ride!

Uber: look like a baller, even when you are black-out.