Pro Tip: Lyft

lyftNow that the cold weather has started to set in, I unfortunately will be hanging up my bicycle for the season.  Although biking is my number one favorite mode of transport, I am too much of a wuss to do it year round.

Usually no more biking means one of two things: more expensive, stinky cabs or going out less.

However, with Denver’s recent burst of alternative transportation options, I feel like I now have a few more choices.

As a non-car owner, I typically rely on public transportation (aka the hobo bus), my bike, my boyfriend, and my legs to get around.  More recently I have added car2go and Uber to my repertoire as well.

And now, with the arrival of the pink furry mustaches, there is also Lyft.

Lyft’s tagline is “your friend with a car.”  Since its inception, the company has aimed to create a more social and fun experience for drivers and passengers, in order to develop a sense of community among its users.  According to the company, Lyft generally costs about 30 percent less than the price of a similar-length cab ride.

In order to request a Lyft car, riders need to download the Lyft app to their iPhone or Android, sign-in through Facebook, and enter a valid phone number, and credit card details.  When a passenger wants a ride, he/she opens the app and sees a map displaying the locations of the nearest Lyft drivers.   After tapping to request a ride, the app shows the driver’s name, his/her rating by past passengers, and photos of the driver and their car.  Within 5 to 15 minutes, a Lyft driver will arrive and likely greet the passenger with a welcoming fistbump.  After the ride is complete, payment is made through the app in the form of a suggested donation based on the time and distance of the trip.  The passenger can increase or decrease the dollar amount by tapping a virtual pencil to edit the donation.  The company takes a 20 percent cut of the fare.  Finally, a passenger must rate the driver before he or she can request another Lyft.  In my experience, Lyft is quite similar to Uber, but a fraction of the cost.  

Wanna save even more money?  Register now and enter the promo code ROCKIES to receive a free $20 credit (which will get you about 4 free rides – score).  Concerned about safety?  Read more about Lyft’s safety policy.  Have extra time on your hands?  Sign-up to be a Lyft driver.  And see you dudes around this winter.