Local Lists: Kendall Smith

I am guessing that Kendall Smith hasn’t slept much in the past few weeks.  And has been surviving solely off of a diet of caffeine and anticipation.  In other words, he’s taking one for the team (the team being Denver, in this case), and bringing the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase back to Baker for it’s 13th year, starting this Thursday, July 18, 2013.

What exactly is the UMS?  I mean besides THE BEST weekend of your life?  Well, it’s a mixture of national and local music acts, stand-up comedy, DJs, eye candy, local businesses, street food, old friends, new friends, positive energy, sweat, awkward sunburns, beers, booze, failed attempts at “pacing oneself”, late-night parties, Instagramz aplenty, and usually a cleansing thunderstorm or two.  Essentially the Baker neighborhood gets transformed into a full-on entertainment extravaganza, with bands and comedians performing in parking lots, clothing shops, bars, churches, and anywhere else they can jam a stage.  

Who’s performing?  Only these 417 acts.  Have you feeling a little overwhelmed?  Peep this UMS Spotify playlist to listen while you work and download the UMS app to start creating your schedule.  Haven’t gotten a pass yet?  4-day wristbands are still available online for $35 through Wednesday, July 17th (with early wristband pick-up that night at the new Broadway Farmers Market).  After that, wristbands can be bought at the event for $50 (which means you should get one now, duh.)  Ballin’?  Check-out the VIP option.  Strapped?  Inquire about volunteering.  And when you see Kendall walking around the fest, be sure to give him a high five; he certainly deserves one (or 417 to be exact). 

Name:  Kendall SmithPhoto of Kendall Smith.

Occupation: Event Director of the Underground Music Showcase

A little about yourself:  I relocated to Colorado in 1996. I am a long time corporate number cruncher who successfully parlayed volunteer work and a mid-life crisis into a really great job directing the best music weekend in Denver.

Favorite restaurant in Denver:  Sushi Den

Favorite watering hole in Denver: It depends on who is playing.

Go-to karaoke song:  I rarely sing in public – maybe the occasional Happy Birthday or National Anthem.  I blame it on my 3rd grade music teacher, Mrs. Bowles.  She asked me to lip sync.

Favorite overall place in Denver: Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Best new trend in Denver: Businesses opening on South Broadway

Worst new trend in Denver: Hating on your neighbors

Best event in Denver: The Underground Music Showcase

Fondest Denver memory:  Pedaling my cruiser around Lodo during a World Series game. It was cool to be surrounded by such great energy.

What’s missing in Denver?  Two trains – one to the airport and one to Summit County.

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do?  Go to Red Rocks.  Take a football.  See if you can hit the soundboard platform from the plaza up top.  It is good to have goals…

Favorite US city that is not Denver:  Austin.  Anytime but summer.

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most:  The Steamin’ Demon food cart.  Though, I hear it is rising up for UMS again this year…

Anything you want to plug:  Don’t miss the 13th Denver Post Underground Music Showcase, occurring July 18-21.  Over 400 performances in 20 venues. Passes available at www.theums.com.