Local Lists: Sufi Magpie Stevens

Photo of Sufi Magpie Stevens

The Sidewinder Tavern could very much be your new favorite watering hole.  Although this Globeville destination bar may seem to be holding it down on its own right now, my guess is that it’s just a matter of time before new businesses start popping up in this North Denver hood, repping Eastern European roots.

However for now, it is worth the fixie bike ride to the Sidewinder alone, which boasts a live music hall, great drink specials, wood paneling, and free pool.  This place oozes with blue-collar charm, and that charm is nicely complimented by the friendly faces you will find inside.  One such friendly face is Sufi’s.

Name: Sufi Magpie Stevens

Occupation: Slagin’ drinks at The Sidewinder Tavern in Globeville.

A little about yourself:  I was born in Toledo, Ohio, home to good ol’ Katie Holmes who grew up across the street from my first boyfriend.  I knew I was going to move to Colorado when I was in 6th grade, after visiting my cousin who lived in Estes Park at the time.  I knew there had to be a better life outside of Ohio and there sure was!  I was raised by my Dad who was a cowboy and a major influence on who I am today.  My Uncle Tom also had a part is raising me and he was a drummer in an 80’s hair metal band, who had a few music videos on VH1.  Now I spend most of my time going to shows, making mixtapes, traveling, and surrounding myself with some of the best people in Denver.

Favorite restaurant in Denver: Uncle!  For an appetizer the fried Brussels sprouts are where it’s at!  Oh man and the pork belly steamed buns!  You gotta be kidding me with that delicious soft bun, so full of pork flavor.  And for the main dish, the duck ramen.  I’m hungry now…

Favorite watering hole in Denver: Lost Lake.  The bartenders are rad, the music is great, I love the tiny TVs showing old-school VHS movies and the horseshoe-style bar is the best.  I also love 3 Kings, Lions Lair, and the Sidewinder on a show night!

Best event in Denver: The Denver County Fair!  I hear this year they’re going to have pie on a stick!  And last year, you gotta be kiddin’ me with all those sweet baby alpaca you got to feed.

Best new trend in Denver: The acceptance of marijuana (I come from a long line of hippies in Ohio.  Dreams DO come true fam!)  And all of the dudes and dudetts playing old school surf and garage rock; they always bring the party to the Sidewinder on a show night and that means a great night.

Worst new trend in Denver: The city trying to turn Denver into LoDo.  Condo buildings, sports bars, and Jäger bomb enthusiasts.  Enough said.

Fondest Denver memory: Old school Bar Bar and getting away with pretty much anything your little punk rock heart desired.  Ahhh those were the days.

What’s missing in Denver? I hate to say this because it is pretty trendy in most cites but…baller, authentic food trucks!  Mediterranean ones especially.  We need streets of food trucks; not just a food truck here and there.

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do? Well, knowing my homies, I’d have to say, play some pinball over at 2up or 3 Kings, hit up South Broadway and go to Ironwood (the best store in Denver), and eat some happy hour snacks at Karma – the spicy Edamame is the best I’ve had, ever.

Go-to drink in a bar: Whiskey! I’m head over heals for a straight-up Manhattan, made with Bulleit Rye!  So tasty.

Go-to karaoke song: “Ballroom Blitz” by The Sweet is always a hoot.  When I’m feeling like busting out my guts, I love to sing Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together”.  That song has always held a place in my heart since the age of 4; it was also my first cassette tape from my pops.

Favorite US city that is not Denver: Portland!  Swoon.  Austin comes second minus the heat.  LA comes third minus the traffic and minus Beverly Hills.

New, proposed slogan for Denver: Portland’s not the only one with Voodoo Donuts!

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: I miss Gabor’s with all my heart…think most all of us do.  Sigh.

Anything you want to plug:  Starting August 11th at 7pm on Sundays, we will be screening Breaking Bad on the big screen in our music hall at the Sidewinder Tavern, located at 4485 Logan Street.  We will be doing this the entire season every Sunday.  We will have drink and food specials too that we are very stoked about!  And anyone who is a Breaking Bad fan knows that this last season is going to be insane, so lets freak out together!