Local Lists: Andrew Novick


You may know Andrew Novick from the Warlock Pinchers.  Or his collections.  Or his PeepsBQs.  Or his X-treme Pancake Breakfasts during the Denver County Fair.  Or one of his other themed eating events.  Or his Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast pop-up shop.  Or his GetYourGoing Powerpoints.  Or his dog, Tiny Coconut.  Or his hair.

But chances are, you know Andrew Novick.  Andrew is a super nice, soft-spoken, coffee enthusiast, known for making Denver a cooler place to live.  Read what he likes best about this town and peep his plugs to get in on some of the upcoming fun.

Name:  Andrew Novick

Occupation:  Electrical engineer, performer, event promoter, collector, artist, wacky chef…???

A little about yourself:  I do a little bit of everything – I’m not sure if that makes me ‘versatile’ or ‘ADHD’

Favorite restaurant in Denver:  Still Snooze

Favorite watering hole in Denver:  Since I don’t drink, by ‘watering hole’ I assume you mean ‘coffee shop’?  In that case I would say Crema…but I wish they were open later and had larger lattes!

Favorite overall place(s) in Denver:  Casa Bonita, Breakfast King, Lakeside, Thornton

Best events in Denver:  Denver County Fair, Zombie Crawl and Theresa Mercado’s Cruel [season] Horror Film Series at Crash 45.

Favorite season in Denver and why:  Spring – because it usually continues from February until July!

Best new trend in Denver:  Donuts!

Worst new trend in Denver:  Not too new, but lasting too long: truffle-everything – it’s worse than the garlic-everything trend of 1996-2002

Fondest Denver memories:  Shows at Rainbow Music Hall and Monkey Mania, late-night hangouts at Mister Donut on Colorado Boulevard, Fireside Lounge (in the Peppermill), OK Soda test market campaign

What’s missing in Denver?  More choices for late-night food and coffee shops!

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do?  Drive the historic 30-mile I-70  “business loop” down Colfax from Aurora to Golden – making sure to check out all of the unique motels, and awesome businesses like Queen of Sheeba (Ethiopian restaurant), Hot Chik-A-Latte (“sexy” coffee), The Shoppe (cupcakes, mini-pies and cereal!), SIE FilmCenter, the State Capitol, Casa Bonita, Davey’s Chuckwagon Diner, and so many more!

Go to drink in a bar: Cranberry juice with a lime wedge (that is, if they don’t have coffee)

Go to karaoke song: Toxic – Britney Spears

Favorite US city that is not Denver:  Austin – amazing people, landscape, food, film, and music!

New, proposed slogan for Denver:  “Denver: It’s not just for breakfast anymore”

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most:  Denver Drumstick, Red Barn, Celebrity Sports Center,The Organ Grinder, Crystals Pizza, Cinderella City, M&D’s BBQ, Daddy Bruce’s BBQ

Anything you want to plug?  The I Heart Denver Store – a great showcase of Denver artists and designers; Late Night Denver – a web TV show with a great take on what’s going on in Denver; Screw Tooth’s Ice Cream Bloodbath (this Saturday September 21st, 8pm at Buntport Theater) –  I’m doing one of my GetYourGoing PowerPoint presentations, and there will be other extremely cool and amazing performances – as well as an ice cream buffet with LOTS of toppings…oh, and it’s also a dance party!  I’m also working (with a lot of help) on a one-night Japanese-horror-themed restaurant on October 19th.  Details at www.gimmegimmepillowtoast.com