Local Lists: Katie Shapiro


Katie Shapiro (left) along with Reel Social Club co-founder, Jenny Bloom

I can still picture it quite vividly in my head: My friend Jeramia and I are riding the Cyclone at Summer Scream, seated directly behind a dude who may or may not have spent the last five spring breaks at Señor Frog’s in Cancun. The coaster is slowly clicking up the hill, as we notice a cocktail* in our neighbor’s hand, just as we are about to reach the crest of the 70-year old wooden roller coaster. “CHUG IT!”, we yell in fear of getting doused with red bull and dude booze, and he quickly obliges right as we start our free fall. Thinking we have avoided tragedy, we then see our new friend repeatedly trying to light a cigarette as we whirl through the maze-like patterns of light and noise.  “JUST WAIT ‘TIL THE RIDE’S OVER!”, we implore, our voices becoming lost amidst the sounds of screaming, mechanical thunder, and laughter.

Ah, Summer Scream. The event where you instantly become a kid again (although more like a tipsy kid who has a bunch of Uber promo codes, can buy his own shit, and doesn’t have a curfew). For one night only, Reel Social Club, which is the young professional (partier) arm of the Denver Film Society, takes over the historic Lakeside Amusement Park for an evening of FREE rides, FREE adult beverages, FREE screams, FREE eye candy (seriously I don’t know how they do it, but everyone is hott – except for maybe that Señor Frog’s dude), and Instagrams even your own mother would be proud of. In its fourth year, Summer Scream is the perfect excuse to have one more crazy summer night before we all start wearing flannel and swapping soup recipes.

If you’ve been before, you’ll already have your ticket for this event. But if you haven’t, advanced tickets are still available for $35 (they are $40 at the door). Feelin’ baller (and/or don’t want to worry about transportation)? Check-out the VIP option, which includes a pre-party with free food and drink, rides to and from the event, as well as access to the VIP lounge during the event. Interested in a more long-term investment? Consider becoming a Reel Social Club member and get free admission to Summer Scream PLUS a whole entire year of special events and discounts – including Reel Social Club’s epic film festival bash.  But whatever you do, DON’T MISS OUT!

With Summer Scream only a couple days away, Reel Social Club co-founder Katie Shapiro was nice enough to tell us a little bit more about the origins of this event and what else is good in this town we all love so so much #SUMMERSCREAM

*Please note: alcohol/cigs/weed are not (technically) allowed on rides

Name: Katie Shapiro / @kshapiromedia

Occupation: film/festival publicist, travel/style writer

A little about yourself: Made in Akron, Ohio.  Moved to Denver in 2007 by way of NYC.  Studied business as an undergrad and journalism as a grad. I like to play inside watching movies/seeing art and outside skiing/hiking. I also like my dog a lot. This sounds like a Tinder profile…no?

How did Reel Social Club (RSC) get started? What is its intention? I attended the Starz Denver Film Festival for the first time in 2009 with my best gal Jenny Bloom, and when it was over, we were pretty post-fest depressed. We wanted to get more involved with the Denver Film Society ASAP and looked into joining their young patrons group. There wasn’t anything official at the time, so we decided to just start one! The goal is to get a new generation on board in support of the organization by throwing a ton of fun events for film lovers.

What kind of events do you host throughout the year? Aside from Summer Scream (our banner annual fundraiser) we host screenings year-round at the SIE FilmCenter. There’s always an RSC night at Film on the Rocks and a different party every year during awards season. You also get amazing access to Starz Denver Film Festival parties and infamous Late Night Lounge, with handpicked programming reco’s from Matthew Campbell. A lot of what we do is free for members, Summer Scream included.

Describe Summer Scream in 5 words or less: Fundraiser. Wild. Nostalgic. Smiles. Makeouts.

Favorite Summer Scream moment thus far: Every year, right before we open the gates, the staff takes a few test laps on the Cyclone. It’s team building at its best.

What’s new about this year’s event: We’re slinging some sweet swag custom-designed by Megafauna & DeRailed Ink. Tees and tanks are available online, at the SIE FilmCenter box office, in-store, and on-site 8.28.

The VIP ticket this year includes a pre-party at the SIE FilmCenter (unlimited Deep Eddy Vodka cocktails/New Belgium brews/light bites), party bus transpo to and from Lakeside, plus an official lounge area with private bar at the event (no lines!)

RSC is also part of the new cultural non-profit collective Cross-Cultured.  If you’re a Cross-Cultured member, you get access to ten arts organizations in town…special Summer Scream discount included!

Best event in Denver: Clearly biased, but #SUMMERSCREAM and the Starz Denver Film Festival.

Best new trend in Denver: Marijuana legalization.

Worst new trend in Denver: Not really a trend, but those bars on bikes blaring the hits of today are the worst. Not as offensive but over it: WORD AMPERSAND WORD names for new restaurants/bars.

Fondest Denver memory: Any Widespread Panic show at Red Rocks.

What’s missing in Denver? Water feature. High fashion.

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do? Stop by Denver Relief, smoke a joint, cruise the shops of S. Broadway, hit the MCA, walk through Commons Park up to Forest Room 5 for a drink fireside.

Favorite US city that is not Denver: N/A

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: Latke Love. They’re live on Indiegogo to raise money for a new location…help ‘em if you can! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/latke-love-needs-your-help-to-find-a-new-home

Any additional thoughts/plugs: Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped grow RSC and Summer Scream every year: the DFS staff, our advisory committee, members, sponsors, and attendees. And to Lakeside Amusement Park for letting us do what we do!