#SDFF37 with Carly Rose Moser


Makin’ it rain

Hey-oh!  I’m back with your second installment of insider tips for the Starz Denver Film Festival.  Next up: Carly Rose Moser, Festival Box Office Manager.  Her dad was also the assistant coach in the film, Dazed and Confused.  Ever hear of it?  She’s got cred, yo.  And she’s worked her fair share of other fests.  And is still proud of what Denver has to offer.  So read up to learn more about what’s good about #SDFF37

Name: Carly Rose Moser

A little about yourself: I’m sort of festival gypsy, working on festivals and events all over the states, including the Seattle International Film Fest, Palm Springs, Telluride, and the best of all, the Starz Denver Film Festival.  I was famous for 15 minutes being the poster girl for the Denver County Fair in 2013.  I began working with the Denver Film Society in 2009 as a volunteer photographer and fell in love with the organization and the festival.  I came on as staff for the festival in 2010 as a Theater Manager and in future years transitioned into the festival Box Office Manager roll.  Each festival or event I work on throughout the year, I work within the ticketing or operations side and I love it.

Job description: Ticketing all 250+ films.  Working with guest relations, press, jury, patrons, members, and the general public.  I have a staff of 16 helping me during the festival and they all rock.

What’s your sign? Cancer

Do you believe in that stuff? Nope, it’s fun to think about but I don’t take it seriously.  Just like Tarot cards.

How are you feeling right now:  A little sleep deprived and like I’m juggling elephants.

Favorite memory from last year’s fest: The night Keith Garcia DJ’d an epic dance party at the Late Night Lounge.  Everyone on staff seems to know the lyrics to Robyn’s Dancing On My Own and when that started to play we all lost it.

Give me five words that describe this year’s festival: An unforgettable filmgoing experience, yay!  (I added the yay to make it 5 words.)

There are a lot of well-known film festivals around the globe, what makes Denver’s so special? It’s a family, each and every person that works on the festival gives it their all and are passionate about bringing film to the Colorado community.  We eat, sleep and dream about this festival.

If someone has never attended the film fest before, what are they missing out on? Filmmakers in-person available to speak to their narrative vision, documentaries from around the globe that you may never have the opportunity to watch on a big screen, and just an overwhelming sense of community.

There are so many films programmed for the festival; I’ll admit it can be a little overwhelming.  What advice would you give to newbies trying to select films to attend? I love watching trailers and we have plenty to watch on the website (denverfilm.org/festival).  Also, try something new – don’t go for the conventional Hollywood films and look into our focus on Brazilian cinema or watch a shorts package, which has a little of everything.  Oh and don’t forget the documentaries!  We have a lot to offer.

Top 5 (or how many you want) movie recommendations at this year’s fest: So to be honest I don’t get to see a lot of the films during the festival because I’m making it rain tickets (aka I’m the Box Office Manager).  But my wish list of films to watch are as follows: Imber’s Left Hand, Killers, Watchers of the Sky, and Lake Los Angeles.

Best movie for a first Tinder date: I am a Knife with Legs or The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  Comedy is the way to go on a Tinder date.  Also, find all exit doors upon arrival if you need a quick escape from a creep.

Best film to watch after visiting a dispensary: I haven’t visited a dispensary as of yet, but I imagine the Music Video Mixtape would be a great high watch.

Best movie to attend with your mom: William Matthews: Drawn to Paint.  My mom is a painter and this film is up her alley.

Best non-movie event of this year’s festival: The Reel Social Club Arcade Party is going to be a blast!  We’re selling party-only tickets for folks who can’t catch the screening before [I am a Knife with Legs] for $25.

Recommend a pre-movie restaurant/bar to hit up during the fest: I’m not a foodie and usually opt for something quick like Chipotle.

Describe the level of eye candy at the Starz Denver Film Festival: Have you seen the staff at the SIE FilmCenter?  Hot tamale!  Oh and our production managers are smokin’ hot.  They look like viking gods.  Also, who doesn’t like a filmmaker from a foreign land that wants you to help him find a good place to eat?  Yes, I know I just said I’m not a foodie but hey, Linger has buzz or Colt and Gray.

Festival-going tips: Go to the bathroom before the film starts.  Schedule appropriately, give yourself enough time to get from the Pavilions to the SIE.  The SIE has real butter.  The SIE has Henderson’s Lounge – buy two drinks to take into the theater with you so you don’t have to leave to get another.  Turn your phone off!  Save your comments and questions for the Q&A.  Seriously, people that talk during films are jerks.

What are you looking forward to doing after the festival is over: Turkey and sleep induced by the turkey.

Any additional thoughts/plugs: If you haven’t been to the festival, you’re missing something great.  Also, give your box office staff a high five when you see them, they deserve it.