#SDFF37 with Brit Withey


Brit, watching you, watch movies

Denver! It is day 7 of the Starz Denver Film Festival and I am all in! I have watched a total of 15 movies thus far (pass the eye drops, please) and here are some of my favorites to date: Tu Dors Nicole, The Tribe, The Midnight Swim, Red Army, Wild, and Imber’s Left Hand. We’re at the official halfway point of the festival and to celebrate this momentous milestone, we’ve got some more #SDFF37 insider tips from Artistic Director, Brit Withey.

Every year during the fest, I am always so curious to hear what Brit is into. While his selections can be a bit polarizing at times, they also represent what film festivals are all about: exposing yourself to something unique, something that will definitely stick with you, and something that you may never have the chance to see on the big screen again. So while the festival clock is ticking, there are still so many films yet to be screened, including a large number of offbeat foreign gems and several that Brit mentions below.

Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket (or two), even if you don’t know what you’re getting into. My guess is that you’ll be looking forward to doing the same next year.

[And a special shout-out to all of the festival staff, sponsors, and volunteers – it’s been such a great experience so far; thanks for bringing such an amazing event to our snowy little town.]

What’s your sign? Libra

Do you believe in that stuff? Only for Libras.

How are you feeling right now: Actually, pretty good. After the first weekend is over, this thing is cake.

Give me five words that describe this year’s festival: It won’t be cold forever.

What’s one thing people may not know about the fest but should: It’s incredibly accessible and easy to involve yourself in. The filmmakers that attend really, really want to talk to you.

How would you describe your taste in film? Eclectic. But it does curve towards the bleak and strange.

Favorite movies in this year’s festival: Free Fall, Stations of the Cross, Viktoria, August Winds, The Look of Silence, and 50 or 60 others.

Best movie(s) to forget how fucking cold it’s been: Lake Los Angeles

Movies that folks have been buzzing about but have already screened: The one that people have come up to me the most often and mentioned has been 1001 Grams.

Movies that folks have been buzzing about but have yet to screen: Viva La Liberta

Your favorite Starz Denver Film Festival moment so far: The Q&As with director Anthony Baxter for his film, A Dangerous Game. He couldn’t be a nicer guy, the film is fantastic, and I love having him here.

What are you looking forward to doing after the festival is over: Sitting quietly with cat.

Any additional thoughts/plugs: I imagine that by the time anyone reads this there will still be about 100 films that still haven’t screened yet. Go.