Pro Tip: Come Sit and Be Swept Away

dff-2015-artThose of you who know me, know that I would marry the Denver Film Festival if I could. It’s funny, romantic, worldly, exciting, knowledgeable, attractive, and actually encourages you to have a good cry when you need it. Additionally, it’s welcoming, quite stylish, inspires great conversation, and has really cool friends. It is also the same age as me.

It is my impression that a lot of folks in Denver still aren’t quite sure how to participate when the film fest rolls into town. They’re not sure how they can attend, if they can attend, when they can attend, and how much it costs. Since the Denver Film Festival is one of my MOST favorite events in town, I created the below guide for festival newbies who want to take advantage of this world-class festival, perhaps for the first time. [Pssst, and peep this quick promo vid that I created for last year’s fest while you are at it!]

The Skinny:

How to Attend:

  • Red Carpet Package – This package is appropriate for those who want to be guaranteed three solid movies and who want to partake in a bit of the glamor and glitz. This year’s red carpet selections include AnomalisaComing Through the Rye, and Where to Invade Next. Red Carpet Packages run $60 – $75.
  • Opening Night Dinner + Movie – This package is aimed at those individuals who want to go big on opening night. This option includes dinner at any Larimer Square restaurant, free parking, and the opening night screening of Anomalisa at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. This is also your excuse to wear that fancy dress that has been collecting dust in the back of your closet. This package runs $75 – $85.
  • Reel Social Club (RSC) Film + Party – Calling all 20ish – 30ish years olds: If you haven’t been to the fest yet (or even if you have), you should plan on purchasing this package. This option includes a screening of the high-tech cautionary tale, Creative Control, followed by a futuristic after-party at Galvanize, which includes drinks, snacks, dancing, and a virtual-reality experience. The Reel Social Club (RSC) Film + Party runs $25 – $35 and will have your Tinder app working in overdrive!
  • Closing Night Dinner + Movie – This package is for folks who want to end the festival with a bang. This option includes dinner at any Larimer Square restaurant, free parking, and the closing night screening of Coming Through the Rye at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. This package runs $75 – $85.
  • Individual Tickets – Not sure how much you want to partake in the fest? There is always the option to buy individual tickets for any films that might look intriguing. Not sure what to watch? Stay tuned for future blog posts from Denver Film Festival insiders and refer to the tips below. Individual ticket prices run $12 – $15.


Rock the vote at #DFF38 [photo by jason m. dewitt]

Additional Tips:

  • I’ll be the first to admit, the festival guide can be a bit overwhelming. But here are some simple guidelines for choosing a film (or twenty):
    • If you really aren’t sure where to begin, look into one of the red carpet screenings or the special presentations. These are usually chosen with a wider audience in mind. You can also refer to the films marked as “Programmer’s Pick” in the festival guide to help steer you to a strong selection.
    • If you are feeling somewhat adventurous, pick a few movies that sounds good and check their ratings on either IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes to read how they fared with other audience members and critics.
    • If you are feeling more adventurous, simply pick a movie that sounds interesting without doing any other research.
    • If you are feeling very adventurous, pick a film that you wouldn’t normally watch and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
  • If you have the chance, attend a film that has the filmmaker in person. (These are denoted in the festival guide.) Being able to ask questions and hear behind-the-scene stories will nearly always increase your enjoyment of a film.
  • There are a number of special interest tracks, including CinemaQ, CineLatino, First Look Student Program, Spotlight on Colorado, and Women + Film. These tracks can help further guide you to something of interest.
  • This year’s country in focus is Poland (shout-out to the motherland!) Explore the offerings in this track to learn more about this quietly artistic culture.
  • If someone invites you to the Late Night Lounge, accept the invitation – no matter what! The LNL is for sure a Denver bucket list experience.

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