Dear Denver, Where can I go to get my Farmers Market on?

‘Tis the season.  It’s that time of year to get the best-tasting fruits, veggies, baked goods, cheeses, honey, popcorn, and anything else that this damn fine state has to offer.  But where to go and when? [Quick link: peep this map to view local farmers markets in your area]

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, peep this listing for the bulk of city farmers markets and their schedules:

Image of produce.

Totes Tubular

Others that you may want to check-out include:

Need a farmers market to get you over the hump?  Check-out the brand spanking new Broadway Farmers Market, held every Wednesday from 5 – 9pm June 18 through September 3, 2014.  This hipster-flavored market features organic produce, flowers, local wares, live music, and food trucks.  Held on the lawn of the South Broadway Christian Church at 23 Lincoln Street.

In order to make fresh, organic produce more accessible to all, Denver Human Services will offer the Fresh Farm Stand at 1200 Federal Boulevard, the first two Fridays of each month through October 2014.  The Fresh Farm Stand will feature fresh produce from Denver Botanic Gardens, healthy recipes, and an opportunity to learn about assistance and volunteer opportunities.  Open from 10am – 3pm.

Is Sunday your day to shop?  Come check-out the 32nd Avenue Farmers Market in the Highlands neighborhood, every Sunday from 9am – 1pm from June 1 through September, 2014.  Rotating local produce, food trucks, live music, and more.

Vegan or ve-curious?  Check-out the Neat Market Vegan Shop-Up, held at the Posner Center for International Development on the third Sunday of every month from 11am – 3pm.   This pop-up market is the coolest, even if you aren’t permanently riding the vegan train.  Bring yo cash and pick-up some fresh pasta, vegan wine, confectionaries, seasoned seitan, tamales and some baked goods.  Nothing not vegan, son.  There is also usually a vegan food truck offering brunch/lunch!

Too lazy to get off of your A but still want fresh produce?  Check-out door to door organics and get your fruits and veggies (and more) delivered to your front door (and then rhyme about it).  Features include: weekly/bi-weekly delivery; local organic Colorado farm boxes; substitutions; ability to add additional grocery items; and a recipe index.  Yuppy shopping at its finest!

Also, check out this article in 5280 about the issue of food deserts in Denver, and one nonprofit’s efforts to combat this issue with fresh produce boxes.