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#UMS2015 in Pics and Tweets


My friend Javier once said, “You must respect the UMS”, a statement both simple and powerful in its meaning. The 15th annual Underground Music Showcase (UMS) rolled into town this past weekend, once again leaving a… Continue reading

You A Mess


Below you will find my review of the 2014 Underground Music Showcase (UMS). I am not sure why I never posted it, but I believe it still has relevance to this year’s fest. With… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Weird Touch


What does sexy sound like?  Well, I’m not a trained professional, but I would say that it probably sounds a whole lot like Weird Touch. Weird Touch is a new(ish) all-vinyl dance night,… Continue reading

Local Lists: James Irvine


For those of you who know me personally, you know that the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is one of my all-time favorite events.  Not only do I enjoy the music, the people watching, and the… Continue reading

Local Lists: Dan Kaufman


Is Dan Kaufman the most intriguing person in Denver? That’s for me to know and for you to find out. Although Dan Kaufman is a fancy-pants tenured professor in the Philosophy Department at CU-Boulder, he… Continue reading

Dear Denver, Where can I go to get my Farmers Market on?


‘Tis the season.  It’s that time of year to get the best-tasting fruits, veggies, baked goods, cheeses, honey, popcorn, and anything else that this damn fine state has to offer.  But where to go and… Continue reading

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