Pro Tip: Weird Touch


[photo by matthew brown]

What does sexy sound like?  Well, I’m not a trained professional, but I would say that it probably sounds a whole lot like Weird Touch.

Weird Touch is a new(ish) all-vinyl dance night, that has come to fruition through the creative forces of DJs Fancy Matthew, Tyler Snow, and Shannon von Kelly.

Happening monthly at Syntax Physic Opera, Weird Touch presents an elevated, perhaps even sophisticated take on a night out dancing with your friends.  Set amongst the lush interiors of Syntax’s South Broadway space, in a room filled with smiling faces and fashion cues, each experience at Weird Touch lets you know that “this is exactly where you need to be”.

With the next Weird Touch happening on Saturday, March 28th, I asked the DJs some questions about the magic behind this event.

Describe Weird Touch in 5 words:

That night you felt free.

What makes Weird Touch different from any other dance night?

Matthew: I like to think of Weird Touch as not so much a dance night but a music night.  Moreover, Weird Touch is a meditation on how music brings people together.  With that said, as DJs we are focused on the dialogue we’re having with the dance floor and most Weird Touch-goers do spend their evening dancing to our sets, but many come just to listen.  It’s one reason Syntax has been such a good fit.  The space caters to the multitude of experiences one could want in the presence of good music.  There’s an exceptional dance floor, but also great space for just hanging out.  There’s even tables to sit at, have dinner, and watch the whole thing unfold.  All of this makes for an exceptional evening.  We’ve been told we have the most friendly, eclectic, and beautiful crowd of any night in Denver.  And oh yeah, we exclusively play vinyl.

Why did you guys choose to have Weird Touch be all-vinyl?

Matthew: I’m drawn to the process of DJing as much as I am to the product.  And for me, as a process, it’s more challenging and fun.  There’s no auto beat matching, there’s no visual…it’s very tactile and very romantic.  It’s also another way to stand out from the other million DJs out there.

Tyler: The reason I choose not to incorporate digital mediums is for the ritualistic value that playing records provides.  There are limitations on access to certain songs on vinyl, which forces a DJ playing records to focus on searching for songs that showcase a higher quality of both production and sound.  Records aren’t made for every song, generally only the good jams make it to vinyl.  Not to say that there aren’t some digital-only releases that I would love to play, but having a forced focus on what I can play is what helps me to cut out my own style.  Also, laptops look stupid.

Shannon: The three of us appreciate the variety of challenges that accompany spinning vinyl and putting together a cohesive mix throughout a five-hour evening, from song selection and changing tempo to mixing and equalizing the audio.  Again, we don’t expect attendees to notice these details and some people who attend share our love for vinyl, but perhaps the warmth and fullness of records being played along with the little faults of vinyl — the crackles and audible dust particles, skipping records, or hard-to-pull-off mixes that get pulled back on track — perhaps this will seep into the mood and atmosphere of the night.

Who should go?

Tyler: The people who will enjoy themselves most are the lovers of music, art, and community.  The party draws those who find themselves in various aspects of the creative world.  People involved in work ranging from magazines, coding, music, painting, design, etc., find a home at Weird Touch.  I’ve witnessed multiple new projects start from people meeting at Weird Touch and for me that is the best aspect of the night – community.

Shannon: Like, everybody.  Okay, everybody who is tired of the same old scenes, hyped genres, repeated playlists, people who are open to things new, things old, and, well, just open to a damn good time.

Sounds about right.

Weird Touch occurs on the fourth Saturday of each month, starting at 9pm.  $5 at the door.  Syntax Physic Opera serves delicious food until 10:30pm so plan on making a night of it.


[photo by tyler snow]