Local Lists: Yonnas Abraham

Photo of BLKHRTS.

Yonnas Abraham of BLKHRTS

I was lucky enough to start my 2013 Underground Music Showcase (UMS) experience by catching BLKHRTS at Blue Ice on Thursday night.  With the lack of stage at this venue, it was as if BLKHRTS crashed the club and started owning the dance floor with their lyrics, minds, and bodies, and we all willingly abided.  

When Yonnas raps, he is like a man possessed.  Possessed by his dreams, his nightmares, his future, and his past.  It’s a glimpse into something you’ve only seen in movies – dark, raw, frenetic, and real.

I’ll admit, sometimes in this town it is easy to get lost amongst the sea of folk, rock, and folk rock.  And it’s all quite wonderful and lovely.  However, if you’ve been craving something with a little more edge, a little more soul, and a little more BLK, you should come check-out the BLKHRTS mixtape release show this Saturday, July 27, 2013 at the Marquis Theater (especially because a copy of their new mixtape, “Death, Romance, and the Color BLK” is included in the ticket price).  Get woken up and prepare to shake your booty as a collective.  And if that becomes not enough for you, give a listen to Yonnas’ former outfit, The Pirate Signal, which offers the same amount of truth and emotional intensity for your ear holes.  Yes.

Name: Yonnas Abraham

Occupation: Artist

A little about yourself:  My name is Yonnas, my favorite artists (across all mediums) are Morrissey, Siouxsie Sioux and Patafria, and I have a healthy obsession with Sex, Drugs, Violence, Money, Death, Romance and The Color BLK.

Favorite restaurant in Denver: All-V’s Sandwiches

Favorite watering hole in Denver: Meadowlark

Favorite overall place in Denver: My house or Colorado Sound Studios

Best event in Denver: A tie between the Underground Music Showcase and the Westword Music Showcase

Best new trend in Denver: Quality rap music and increasing press coverage of it

Worst new trend in Denver: Hipster racism

Fondest Denver memory: We just played a rooftop show and right at the end of our set, during the most climactic song an amazing lightning storm and a slight drizzle all coalesced into this really transcendent moment that I will always be grateful for.

What’s missing in Denver? Any infrastructure for hip-hop to grow, it’s coming though.  Patience grasshopper.

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do? They should go to Megafauna and blow their life savings on BLKHRTS merch.

Go-to drink in a bar: Jameson and water

Favorite US city that is not Denver: Los Angeles

New, proposed slogan for Denver: DENVER: IT’S NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE, WE SWEAR.

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most: Celebrity’s!

Anything you want to plug:  I wanna plug our new mixtape Death, Romance and The Color BLK available free online July 30th, and included with the ticket price at the release party on July 27th, 2013 at The Marquis Theater with Widowers, The ReMINDers and BoyHollow!

Wanna read more?  Peep this recent interview from the Westword on Yonnas, BLKHRTS, impulses, and ghetto goth.