Local Lists: Kristen Hatgi Sink


Kristen Hatgi Sink

Kristen Hatgi Sink makes really pretty art.  Demonstrated through her current Flower Face exhibit and past works such as CROWNS and Collodion, her photography embodies a hauntingly iconic feel, while providing a modern take on beauty.

Although my personal style might be described as “lesbionic aging hipster, with a penchant for TJ MAXX”, looking at her work makes me fully appreciate the world of feminine beauty, mystery, and the influence of nature.  (And if I am inspired to write a sentence like that while wearing dark green sweatpants and eating a pizza bagel, then I think she is really onto something.)

As a Denver native, Kristen feels invigorated by the city’s burgeoning creative, entrepreneurial culture and by a world where young people have more opportunities to explore art through modern-day technologies.

Read the list below for what this up-and-coming photographer enjoys most in Denver, and be sure to catch Flower Face (for FREE) this week at the Byers-Evans House Gallery before its last showing on Friday, February 28th.  (Click here for a preview, and you’ll surely want to see it for yourself.)

Name: Kristen Hatgi Sink

Occupation: Visual Artist/Photographer

A little about yourself: I grew-up in Denver, went to school in Boston, and live in the Lower Highlands with my husband Mark.  I really like small businesses; I work with many throughout Denver.

Any new year’s resolutions? Make a new body of work! I am really excited about it!  Not sure if that is a resolution, more like a goal.

Favorite restaurant in Denver: Z Cuisine

Favorite watering hole in Denver: Z Cuisine (happens to be on the corner of our block, but still the best place to get food and drinks)

Favorite overall place in Denver: Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)


Flower Face Series, Mardee, 2013

Best event in Denver: Month of Photography Denver

Best new trend in Denver: New bike lanes! Super awesome coffee houses, like Black Eye, Crema, and The Weathervane Cafe.

Worst new trend in Denver: Giant, poorly built houses built on small plots.  So sad and ugly.

Fondest Denver memory: I have so many.  Being a part of so many wonderful things happening in Denver is so lucky.  My best memory was interning at Gallery Sink, back 12 years ago.  It was so exciting and the beginning of so many things!

What’s missing in Denver? A new media center, for film, photography, digital arts, school, a museum, and facility.

A friend has three hours to kill in D-Town, what should they do? Visit the MCA or visit Broadway to shop and support local businesses: Gildar Gallery, Fancy Tiger, Ironwood, Buffalo Exchange.

Favorite US city that is not Denver:  NYC

New, proposed slogan for Denver:  Denver is growing up.

The now-closed restaurant/bar/business in Denver that you miss the most:  Rule Gallery will be very missed.

Anything you want to plug?  I have a show at the Byers-Evans House Gallery called Flower Face, up until the 28th of February.