Pro Tip: The Pump and Dump

pumpanddump“This monthly, mother-created show is designed to let breeders throw a few back, have some laughs, and remind themselves who they once were.” – The Pump and Dump

Comedy and camaraderie.  Those are the first two words that come to mind when I think of The Pump and Dump.  Shortly after that comes: girl’s night, free wine, music, LOL, and sad cake.

The Pump and Dump is a hilarious show about parenting, and in particular about being a mom.  I have been to The Pump and Dump show twice and I am not a mommy.  But songs like “Eat Your Fucking Food,” “Baby Boner” and “When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad” will make you LOL whether or not you are an actual breeder.

In addition to the hilarious songs that make up the bulk of the show, attendees will also be treated to “Never Have I Ever – Parents Edition, “The Most Effed Up Thing My Kid Did This Week”, a guest comedian, and lots of opportunities to win free wine.  The Pump and Dump shows are also backed by some really great sponsors that provide the prizes and additional educational opportunities.

And while I find this event to be truly funny (and I go see a lot of shows), I also really appreciate its intention: to give moms a fun night out with their friends, to acknowledge ALL that they do for their families, and to shine a light on the absolute craziness of parenthood.  I also feel like it just creates a space for moms to feel “normal”.

Tickets are $15 and shows take place monthly at both Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret and Comedy Works South at The Landmark.  Send a note to all of your mommy friends now (because let’s face it, it’s gonna take at least a month to get the gang back together again) and buy your tickets in advance because shows do sell-out.

PS Dudes (aka motherfuckers) are welcome as well, and will even be treated to a free shot.