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Pro Tip: Local Podcasts


Most folks who know me already know that the bus plays a big part in my life.  Sans car, I commute to my 9-to-5 in Golden via the #20 every day.  And as a result,… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Illegal Pete’s Soundcheck


If you don’t know, Illegal Pete’s is a lot more than a sweet happy hour and Mission-style burritos. This laid-back, tattoo-friendly Mexican bar/restaurant also serves up loads of community support to musicians, nonprofits,… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Paint the Town Red


When I first moved to Denver several years ago, I remember seeing numerous signs and banners around town promoting the Starz Denver Film Festival.  But for some reason I wasn’t exactly sure if… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Know Your Vino


Getting tired of the same screw top cabernet?  Well, Mondo Vino provides free wine tastings every Friday from 4 – 7pm and Saturday from 2 – 7pm.  Sample some vino you normally wouldn’t try (I fell in… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Lyft


Now that the cold weather has started to set in, I unfortunately will be hanging up my bicycle for the season.  Although biking is my number one favorite mode of transport, I am… Continue reading

Pro Tip: The Dirty Cookie


Living in Denver, you hear your fair share of weed/munchies/Cheetos jokes.  And while most are clownish depictions of our fair city, we all know that there is also a legit reality to those… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Queen City Supper Club


Do you ever feel like you’ve done just about every cool thing there is to do in this city and that there just aren’t any more surprises?  Well then, I would recommend the… Continue reading

The UMS…wtf? A talk with Deborah Lastowka of


This interview was originally posted on the Fancy Tiger Clothing Blog on July 16, 2013.  However, it is a good reminder that this year’s Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is right around the corner!  This year’s festival… Continue reading

Pro Tip: $1 Bottle of Organic Wine


Monday is over.  Humpday is in sight.  You should probably celebrate.  But you haven’t gotten paid yet this week…Enter Pizza Fusion‘s Tuesday night special: Order a large specialty pizza and receive a whole bottle… Continue reading

Pro Tip: Keep It Uber Classy


I have never owned a car in my life.  And although it may or may not have led me to stay in some relationships longer than I should have (it’s easier to see… Continue reading

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