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WEEKLY EVENTS: May 15, 2015 – May 21, 2015


Denver!  This weather continues to puzzle and deceive me.  The ole getting caught without an umbrella, followed up by sweating your ass off the next day because you are overdressed.  Oh Denver, you so… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: May 8, 2015 – May 14, 2015


This weekend is Mother’s Day – bless their hearts.  Seriously, I am surprised that my mother still even talks to me.  What a little bitch I was growing up.  And now I see… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: March 27, 2015 – April 2, 2015


Whoa.  You can tell that the temperature is warming up because there are 9 billion things to do this weekend!  (OK, maybe not that many but there are still a lot.)  Have fun and… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: March 20, 2015 – March 26, 2015


Denver!  Did you know that today is the #InternationalDayOfHappiness?  I did not until I saw a group of children walking down the 16th Street Mall chanting “Be happy!” over and over again.  Apparently these… Continue reading

Dear Denver, I am looking to start a new hobby this year…what are my options?


New year, new you, right?  WRONG.  Just kidding; sure, why not? I know it’s easy to poke fun at new year’s resolutions, however, they can be a convenient way to become more intentional… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: December 13 – December 19, 2013


Dear Denver, well it’s another week of some pretty kick-ass events and another week where my bony little fingers can only capture a smattering of them.  Question: Which events do you like hearing… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: December 6 – December 12, 2013


Dear Denver, the holidays are upon us!  I can feel them starting to bear down on me, like Santa’s fat sack (of presents), slowly but surely squashing all positive feelings related to the… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: November 29 – December 5, 2013


Dear Denver, happy day-after Thanksgiving!  I hope you made it through the holidays without much family drama, spilt red wine, passive aggressive comments, and/or tears.  Although excessive shopping/consumerism makes me wanna puke as… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: November 22 – November 28, 2013


Denver!  These last few weeks have been cray.  I feel like I am on a runaway roller coaster – eeeeeeeooooooooow!  This week’s events are a bit sparse, but I will add more this… Continue reading

WEEKLY EVENTS: November 1 – November 7, 2013


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, it’s another weekend of drunken Halloween debauchery in this town. Peep these upcoming events and as always, check-out Westword’s 10 things to do for $10 in Denver blog for… Continue reading

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